How to swap AXIEBCH tokens (on SmartBCH)

Why are we doing this?

The crypto winter (in spring-summer 2022) & CoinFLEX problems hit the whole SmartBCH universe hard. So we see trade volumes across the chain felt as well as TVLs on the leading DEXes, MistSwap & BenSwap.

Naturally, trade volumes of AXIEBCH & GAME tokens dropped as well. That is why we optimize our assets swap structure.

Is AXIEBCH is still tradable to / FROM sBCH or any SEP-20 token?

Yes, absolutely! The only thing added is – you need to use AXIEBCH/GAME pair at BenSwap.

So if you want to sell (withdraw) AXIEBCH – swap it into GAME at BenSwap’s direct swap pool, and then sell GAME.

If you want to buy AXIEBCH – buy GAME first, and then swap into AXIEBCH through BenSwap’s direct pool.

As both AXIEBCH & GAME tokens are not listed at BenSwap yet, please use their contract addresses for the first transaction:

AXIEBCH: 0x3d13DaFcCA3a188DB340c81414239Bc2be312Ec9
GAME: 0xd2597a0bde31Ddec2440E256d8AA35eb63F1A9e3

During the first tx, add both tokens as “added by user” so you do not need to copy/paste contract addresses every time. We are working to list tokens with BenSwap.

Where to buy or sell GAME?

Before 15 August 2022, we recommend to trade GAME at MistSwap.

After 15 August 2022, we recommend to do this at BenSwap.

What is the rate of AXIEBCH/GAME?

By default, it was 1 AXIEBCH = 1.1 GAME. We set this rate to compensate users reflection losses for potential 2 transactions. But with AXIEBCH/GAME pool working, the exact swap rate wll be determined by market only. If you see any arbitrage opportunities – feel free to use it.


Funding My House With My Investments In AxieBCH and GAME Tokens

Author: bmjc98
Originally posted on

Lately, I’ve been so stressed about how to get the funds that I will be needing to finish the house. Although I have the savings from my read earnings since October, the price of BCH is still down that converting them to PHP will make me at a huge loss. Despite using another wallet with 0 balance, the new accumulated BCH is still at a loss as BCH keeps declining.
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Getting Started with Pegaxy: 5 Things You Need To Do

AxieBCH will start to supply its players with Pegas (digital horse creatures from the emerging P2E horse race game, Pegaxy) within several days. BTW, it became possible because of the AxieBCH Guild & $GAME token cooperation as all Pegas are leased to AxieBCH by $GAME on the profit-sharing conditions. To start playing Pegaxy, you need to complete 5 actions described in this article.
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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2022!

AxieBCH & GAME token team wishes Merry Christmas & Happy New 2022 year to all our players, investors & supporters!

That was a wonderful year! Starting from complete zero in September, we reached incredible heights for such a small, independent project:

90+ friendly, dedicated & easy-going players which made our AxieBCH Dojo Discord server a nice place to be through the whole day;

– more than 300 Axies & 15 Pegas under management;

thousands of $USD worth paid out monthly as players rewards;

– a pool of smart & supportive investors who prove that crypto can be a space for an analytical mind, not just the greed & fear;

– and many, many, many more.

We showed that we are a strong community – helping our affected scholars during the devastating storm in the Philippines, and overcoming together many other challenges.

The upcoming 2022 year will be a great place to develop, rise, get smarter, more independent and financially protected – together!

Yours, AxieBCH & $GAME devs team


Helping The Affected AxieBCH Scholars Of Typhoon Odette

The catastrophic typhoon that hit the Philippines is a big shock to all of us. When we read the reports of our players from the scene, we cry (literally).

But we also are so proud of our community which immediately stood up to “help & protect” OUR PEOPLE.

The man at the featured picture is Jersy. Jersy is an AxieBCH scholar, devoted and hard-working. He has 3 sons aged 5 to 13 years old. Since he is the only one providing for their family as his wife is a full-time mom, it will surely take him some time to fully recover this. But he is not alone, all AxieBCH fam is standing with him.

This is not a single example. You can read this article from our fellow scholar and community helper Bmjc98 to see more heartbreaking pictures of devastating Typhoon Odette consequences.

We will help & protect our people. We are small and may be not that rich Guild. But we have our hearts.

AxieBCH people know what we already did. No need to repeat. This is what we gonna do:

A. AxieBCH founders commit to donating 2 BCH till the end of this year from our own savings to help our players affected by the storm.

B. Jersy, our scholar from the pix, just got his new, more powerful Axie. This will help him to generate more daily income from playing Axie Infinity. We commit to completing Axies upgrade for players in need of it within 5 days. We had a list of 17 players needed of the upgrade, 10 already done, 7 remaining.

C. We commit to complete $GAME token distribution for our newbies (1000 tokens per player) within 2 days.

D. We are also calling SmartBCH and Play-2-Earn community to join our efforts. Our people are your people as well. They need your help, but you need this action as well. Solidarity & humanity makes us better humans.

All donations go to our community helper Bmjc98 wallets, specially created to help AxieBCH players affected by Typhoon Odette. Bmjc98 is not a founder or employee of AxieBCH Gaming Guild, she is a long-time and well-known BCH, SmartBCH, 1BCH, and communities member. You can check the details & get more info in her article here.

SmartBCH address: 0x672C55962521d9fc3CC25D4F30392e0F04242a03
(all tokens welcomed)

Old good Bitcoin Cash (BCH):

Many thanks in advance & stay safe. Together we overcome this and will become stronger!


NEWS FLASH: Stats, buybacks, Axieport launch & virtual Christmas party!

Hello everybody! We are very happy to share some exciting AxieBCH news with you:

Stats updated

We currently have 85 players united in 9 brigades. The Guild owns 265 Axies as of December 9, 2021. $AXIEBCH token has total liquidity worth of $81,839 and has 5 yielding farms on 4 DEXes. Reminder: we are less than 3 months old.

Buybacks time

As stated on our token page, buybacks are always seen by the team as the main tool to return value to our holders. We were too young before to make extensive buybacks – now this has been changed! As we approach 90 players count – the first checkpoint to transform the Guild growth policy and separate a share of current proceeds to be returned to investors – these buybacks will be more frequent. Long-term holders will be rewarded – as you deserve it. launch

Around a week ago we have successfully launched – the central for Axie Infinity e-sports competitions & rankings. There is the first competition already in progress – AxieBCH League, you can follow matches and watch the leaderboard here.

We believe that Axie Infinity as e-sports is a huge opportunity for early project developers – and we are already here to build.

Christmas Party!

We are very happy to announce that AxieBCH Virtual Christmas Party will take place on December 20, 2021 – at our Discord. There will be mini games, lotteries and other funny stuff too!

All Guild players are invited by default. If you are not a player but would like to party with us (e.g. you are an investor, Axieport player or manager etc.) – just drop us a short message in Telegram to get an invite.

AxieBCH Liquidity Education Program has arrived!

We have officially started our Liquidity Education program.

In the nearest time – not immediately, but within several days, several players / day – all active players will receive funds from us TO CREATE YOUR OWN LIQUIDITY PAIRS and start farming, harvesting and earning some additional passive income.

This is not “free money” from us. But rather a very useful education. Therefore, you should not sell those tokens you will get (even if you have big temptation to do this :). Instead, you have to put it into one of SmartBCH DEX farms we recommend.

Then you can harvest and keep all profits from farming.

You can also top up that liquidity with your own funds to earn more. Naturally all your funds will always remain fully yours.

As soon as you stay AxieBCH active player, you can use those funds received from us for farming, keep 100% of profits, no need to share with us. The only moment we will ask you to return those tokens – the exact amount you initially received – if, for some reason, you decide to retire from the Guild.

We have a community coordinator for this program – please welcome @Bmjc98 in this role. The initial token distribution is on admins – but as soon as you get it, you can ask @Bmjc98 all your questions on where, how and how much 🙂

We really hope that this program will make all our players a bit more prosperous. One harvesting at a time!


NEWS FLASH: Players & Axies count, the Guild league & new farm coming

Hey, hey! We want to share some good news with you this beautiful Sunday:

Players & Axies count

We recently added 5 new players – so the total count of players is 75. We also bought 14 more Axies, so the total Axies count under the Guild management is 239.

After we reach 100 players count, we will take a pause of the guild expansion for several weeks and redirect our proceeds into the $AXIEBCH tokens buyback.

So if you believe in our ability to add 25 more players, which is completely realistic – the token purchase at this price is a no-brainer!

The Guild league starting

We are launching the 1st AxieBCH Guild Team Championship in December 2021 (Season 1).

This is one of the first Axie Infinity team competitions in the world. 8 brigades – Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Hermes, Apollo, Ares and Artemis – will be competing for the one & only title of the first-ever AxieBCH Champion Brigade!

Also, after this event, the AxieBCH Representation will be formed. It will compete against other guilds teams during friendly matches & tournaments we are going to organize and participate!

More news

The Merch project goes as scheduled. We aim to start sending AxieBCH hoodies & caps out within 7-10 days.

The Liquidity Education program will start on December 1 as planned.

The 2nd “Black Box” lottery for our players will take place on December 1 with $150 prize!

The new AxieBCH liquidity farm is already deployed at TangoSwap, – but as Tango currently has a timelock, it will be shown up in 2 days.

That`s all for today – have a nice weekend!


AxieBCH in numbers

65 players;
198 Axies under management;
16 ETH approximate market value of Axies possessed;
4 dedicated coaches (2 founding coaches and 2 player-coaches);
11 players have 2000+ MMR;
100% of coaches have 2000+ MMR;
1 coach has 3000+ MMR;
456 Discord members, 382 TG subscribers, 563 Twitters followers;
3 liquidity farms at 2 DEXes;
Less than 2 months of operations :).


Get your AxieBCH hoodie & baseball cap – FREE FOR PLAYERS!

We have our first AxieBCH merch in progress – yu-hoo!! Read this to know who can get it, how to order (IT IS FREE FOR ACTIVE PLAYERS, so “order” means how to provide size info, mailing address etc.), what & when gonna be delivered!


1 personalized zipped hoodie for every active player – with their nick & brigade name:
– model B&C King Zipped Hood, men cut:

– model B&C Queen Zipped Hood, women cut:


1 baseball cap (one size fits all) with AXIEBCH Guild logo


1 additional hoodie (same base, different print)  for “Brigade 2000” players.

Who can get it?

Every player approved, started playing and filled in the form below before 5 November 2021, can get the brigade hoodie & baseball cap.

If a player ever reached 2000+ MMR during their AxieBCH membership – even if at the moment being below that rank – they can additionally get 1 “Brigade 2000” hoodie.

Wen merch?

Please fill in the form before 5 November 2021. We expect to send all the parcels out till the end of November, so it is gonna be the Christmas / New Year gift for the AxieBCH fam!

How to get?

A. Choose your cut (men or women). It`s up to you.

B. Define your size. To do this, go to the product page:

B&C King Zipped Hood, men cut

B&C Queen Zipped Hood, women cut

click “Technical Sheet”, find the exact measurements of the product (at the bottom of the page).

C. Know your Brigade name. We think you do!

D. Do not forget to participate in the merch design discussions (cared by our genius designer Jiro). You decide – we print.

E. Fill in the form below. Bingo!

If you have any questions – feel free to ask in Discord or Telegram group.