NEWS FLASH: SLP is on the rise, 3 Axies added, Axiety Directory is LIVE (UPDATED)!

Good morning, AxieBCH gangsters!

We woke up with good news: SLP, the Axie Infinity in-game currency, is totally exploding!

So our players can get more Bitcoin Cash for every SLP they earned by their skills & efforts. Wow!

The reason for this jump is fundamental. The Axie Infinity dev team made some important changes to their breeding conditions. From now, Axies breeders need more SLP – but less AXS, so the total cost is practically unchanged – to pair their beauties. So breeders rushed to top up their reserves of SLP while it is still cheap.


We acquired three more cute Axies yesterday: Kisa, Estofado & Kaktus. So, the AxieBCH total Axiety count is now 39! We will have our first breeding complete in 3 days – 14 new baby Axies gonna be born (maybe 1 less, as 1 egg looks problematic). Also, we are on the Axies shopping spree – expect more Axies to be acquired soon.


This is a huge update – just been completed. We promised to be transparent for the well-being of all our token holders & players – we did it.

Please meet Axiety – the complete registry of AxieBCH gaming assets.

The Directory contains base information on all our Axies: name, Axie ID, link to the Axie Infinity marketplace, breed count, date of arrival & purchase price (if our own breeding, the last cell will have the note “breeded”).

That’s all for today. Wish you more crits into your favor, less against you!