Getting Started with Pegaxy: 5 Things You Need To Do

AxieBCH will start to supply its players with Pegas (digital horse creatures from the emerging P2E horse race game, Pegaxy) within several days. BTW, it became possible because of the AxieBCH Guild & $GAME token cooperation as all Pegas are leased to AxieBCH by $GAME on the profit-sharing conditions. To start playing Pegaxy, you need to complete 5 actions described in this article.

1. Choose what MetaMask address you will use for Pegaxy playing

This is a matter of security & personal preferences. If you are active on DeFi & P2E space you may follow the “one wallet – one app” principle. At the same time, if you are not that active, one universal wallet may be an option for you to keep things compact.

If you decide to create a separate account (wallet), click on the icon at the top right corner of your MetaMask and then select “+Create Account“.

Remember: ALWAYS BACK UP your MetaMask seed phrase & NEVER EVER disclose it to anyone!

Do not forget to send your new MetaMask address to us. If not – we will use your address we already have for $GAME distribution & Liquidity Program.

2. Configure Your MetaMask To Support Polygon Network

Go to the MetaMask wallet you are going to use for playing Pegaxy.

Click “SmartBCH” at the top of the MetaMask window, then click “Add Network”. The Metamask extension page will be open in your browser.

Add the following data:

Network Name: Polygon
Chain ID: 137
Currency Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer URL:

Click “Save”. That’s it!

Whenever you want to play Pegaxy OR operate with your game funds or assets – do not forget to switch your Metamask to the Polygon wallet & network.

3. Think about payout options

In Pegaxy, there is a very convenient revenue split system implemented. No more Guild payout days! Your proceeds are split automatically, the Guild’s share is directed to our wallet, and your share goes to your own one. Every 2 weeks you can claim your rewards in VIS (Pegaxy player rewards tokens). Now the question is – how to convert it into something you can spend & invest.

We provide an assisted payout option for our players. You will be able to transfer earned VIS directly to us and get Bitcoin Cash into your BCH wallet. Please check our Discord for more info.

You also can opt for independent conversion – so you convert your VIS by the way you choose yourself.

Both ways are equal – so select one you like more.

4. Remember about gas fees

With your Pega, we will send you a small amount (appr. worth of 1 USD) of MATIC, which is used as a utility/gas token on Polygon network. This will be enough for several claims. In future you will need to take care about it yourself.

To do this, go to:

and swap a tiny part of your VIS to MATIC. The Polygon fees are very low, so you won’t dedicate a lot of funds to that.

5. Always use all Pega energy & keep performing in Axie Infinity

Pegaxy is NOT a skill-based game at the moment. So basically anybody can play it. Nevertheless, there are two conditions we have for keeping your Pega scholarship for an indefinitely long time:

A. Use all the energy you got for your Pega.  No energy should be wasted!

B. Keep performing well in Axie Infinity. Not everybody can become a highly-ranked e-athlete, but everybody can do their daily quota and reach a rank fair for their abilities. That’s what we always value the most: doing your best even if sometimes it may seem that results are not “as expected”. So keep doing your best in both games, and you will be able to keep & play your Pega.

This is it. As always do not hesitate to ask your coaches if you need any help.