Funding My House With My Investments In AxieBCH and GAME Tokens

Author: bmjc98
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Lately, I’ve been so stressed about how to get the funds that I will be needing to finish the house. Although I have the savings from my read earnings since October, the price of BCH is still down that converting them to PHP will make me at a huge loss. Despite using another wallet with 0 balance, the new accumulated BCH is still at a loss as BCH keeps declining.
In case you didn’t get my point, whenever I need to cash out some BCH, my best way to avoid losing much is to create a new wallet or use an existing wallet that doesn’t have any amount on it. This way, new accumulated BCH won’t get affected by the current price not unless if it keeps declining.

So lately, my sister keeps telling me to cash out some of my BCH to make sure we will be able to finish the house and won’t have to wait more months again for its next construction. I honestly didn’t know what to do as it seems to me that BCH won’t moon yet, and I was starting to get stressed out; however, upon seeing my investment in smartBCH, I realized why the need to stress out when I can just take some profits and use that instead of waiting for BCH’s next ATH.

So after several days of stressing out myself, I finally got the solution to my problem, and that’s to fund the house with my smartBCH investments. Although I don’t have many investments, to be honest, my current ones are mooning like crazy! And I think it’s about time to take profits as I have never done this before with these two. After all, what’s the point of having investments if you can’t even use them in times of need.

So thankfully, AxieBCH and GAME are doing well lately as expected. If you are on their Telegram, you’d know when he does the buyback and so on, which gives me and the others the hint when to buy more for the upcoming pump. And upon checking my spreadsheet earlier and their current prices, I think it will save me from cashing out my earnings from October up to the present, which also means that my more than 1BCH is safe from the possibility of getting converted into fiat.

For AxieBCH, I have invested 0.8791737 BCH in all. Thanks to my first smartBCH investment, EBEN, I was able to increase my portfolio with just an initial amount of 0.078 BCH. After almost 4 months of adding more and more to my bag, my 100k AxieBCH is now worth 1.78713 BCH, which means I will have 0.9079563 BCH in profit.

Aside from AxieBCH, I might as well take some profits from my GAME token. I have only invested 0.3444882 BCH and now, my almost 50k GAME is worth 0.614181 BCH, which means my profit will be 0.2696928 BCH.

This is just partial, though, as Gramps is expected to have another buyback again later, which will surely increase the prices for these two tokens. With more than 1 BCH, I can use that to add to my funds for the house. I might be needing some more, though, so the next plan is to just grind on this platform to earn more BCH to ensure that we will be able to finish the house before summer.

The year 2020 was when I started to join here and at that time, I was only focused on writing and nothing else. 2021, however, was more on accumulating BCH and learning how to HODL. Now, it’s about time to enjoy my hard work, take as many profits as I can just to complete my house, and pay my debt to my mom. This year is more on spending, and at the same time, investing more on smartBCH to have enough profits to take.

Closing thoughts

For now, I will just have to keep taking profits until I don’t have to anymore. So far, I have already secured more or less 12 BCH and will just take things slow from there. For this year, I just want to finish the house, so I can finally live in my own place and pay my mom until I’m fully paid. So yeah, why wait for the BCH to pump when I can just harvest what I have sown for months on smartBCH.