We have a set of simple conditions for AxieBCH current & future players:

A. No multi-logging. “One user – one account – one device” is the strict rule. Please respect us & our investors! We highly recommend playing with the same mobile phone or tablet only. If you are going to play using different devices, please double-check that you logged out on one device before logging in on another.

B. You MUST have a Bitcoin Cash wallet to get your payouts. Please download & install one (for instance, or Zapit) before you apply for a scholarship.

C. It is also suggested to configure your MetaMask so it supports the SmartBCH network. This is optional, but with the SmartBCH address, you may have additional perks & bonuses.

D. Please be ready to accept the weekly grinding limits we set for our players. We make the limits individually, according to the potential of the Axies team you will be given.

E. We require all AxieBCH players to keep the guild identification inside the game, and also on their Twitter profiles.

Nazko | AxieBCH, in-game identification of the player

Nazko | AxieBCH, in-game identification of the player

F. Finally – just be normal. Wear the guild badge with pride! No begging for the win, no aggression to the game & guild. Be the real Lunacians!

If you are ready to proceed – please join our Discord, then follow the instructions.