How to swap AXIEBCH tokens (on SmartBCH)

Why are we doing this?

The crypto winter (in spring-summer 2022) & CoinFLEX problems hit the whole SmartBCH universe hard. So we see trade volumes across the chain felt as well as TVLs on the leading DEXes, MistSwap & BenSwap.

Naturally, trade volumes of AXIEBCH & GAME tokens dropped as well. That is why we optimize our assets swap structure.

Is AXIEBCH is still tradable to / FROM sBCH or any SEP-20 token?

Yes, absolutely! The only thing added is – you need to use AXIEBCH/GAME pair at BenSwap.

So if you want to sell (withdraw) AXIEBCH – swap it into GAME at BenSwap’s direct swap pool, and then sell GAME.

If you want to buy AXIEBCH – buy GAME first, and then swap into AXIEBCH through BenSwap’s direct pool.

As both AXIEBCH & GAME tokens are not listed at BenSwap yet, please use their contract addresses for the first transaction:

AXIEBCH: 0x3d13DaFcCA3a188DB340c81414239Bc2be312Ec9
GAME: 0xd2597a0bde31Ddec2440E256d8AA35eb63F1A9e3

During the first tx, add both tokens as “added by user” so you do not need to copy/paste contract addresses every time. We are working to list tokens with BenSwap.

Where to buy or sell GAME?

Before 15 August 2022, we recommend to trade GAME at MistSwap.

After 15 August 2022, we recommend to do this at BenSwap.

What is the rate of AXIEBCH/GAME?

By default, it was 1 AXIEBCH = 1.1 GAME. We set this rate to compensate users reflection losses for potential 2 transactions. But with AXIEBCH/GAME pool working, the exact swap rate wll be determined by market only. If you see any arbitrage opportunities – feel free to use it.


Funding My House With My Investments In AxieBCH and GAME Tokens

Author: bmjc98
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Lately, I’ve been so stressed about how to get the funds that I will be needing to finish the house. Although I have the savings from my read earnings since October, the price of BCH is still down that converting them to PHP will make me at a huge loss. Despite using another wallet with 0 balance, the new accumulated BCH is still at a loss as BCH keeps declining.
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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2022!

AxieBCH & GAME token team wishes Merry Christmas & Happy New 2022 year to all our players, investors & supporters!

That was a wonderful year! Starting from complete zero in September, we reached incredible heights for such a small, independent project:

90+ friendly, dedicated & easy-going players which made our AxieBCH Dojo Discord server a nice place to be through the whole day;

– more than 300 Axies & 15 Pegas under management;

thousands of $USD worth paid out monthly as players rewards;

– a pool of smart & supportive investors who prove that crypto can be a space for an analytical mind, not just the greed & fear;

– and many, many, many more.

We showed that we are a strong community – helping our affected scholars during the devastating storm in the Philippines, and overcoming together many other challenges.

The upcoming 2022 year will be a great place to develop, rise, get smarter, more independent and financially protected – together!

Yours, AxieBCH & $GAME devs team


AxieBCH in numbers

65 players;
198 Axies under management;
16 ETH approximate market value of Axies possessed;
4 dedicated coaches (2 founding coaches and 2 player-coaches);
11 players have 2000+ MMR;
100% of coaches have 2000+ MMR;
1 coach has 3000+ MMR;
456 Discord members, 382 TG subscribers, 563 Twitters followers;
3 liquidity farms at 2 DEXes;
Less than 2 months of operations :).


FOR SCHOLARS & INVESTORS: We are listed on BenSwap!

Hey, AxieBCH Gang! We are now listed on BenSwap, the first SmartBCH Automatic Market Maker (AMM) & Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

Why this is important for token owners: using BenSwap, you can instantly buy and sell our token –  any day, any time. So feel free to buy more tokens, sell some, or swap to other cryptos. We expect deeper cooperation with AMMs / DEXes in the nearest future – to make farming & staking of $AXIEBCH available!

Why this is important for scholars: this is fully optional to own $AXIEBCH for the Guild members – we value & care for all our players! At the same time, in the nearest future, there will be several additional use cases of tokens specially designed for the players. For instance, the token owners will have priority access to newly-breeded Axies!

You can also watch $AXIEBCH price & last trades on the BenSwap quotes page.