Welcome to the GAME!

Minted: on SmartBCH sidechain.

CONTRACT: 0xd2597a0bde31Ddec2440E256d8AA35eb63F1A9e3 (SmartScan)

Owner Address: 0x3F84807FC67baE7E56CabEF306871aE2462B93CA

Emission: 100,000,000 (100 mln) tokens

Most of us like the idea of reflection tokens – those ones which “tax” every transaction and distribute the collected amount among current holders, re-fill liquidity etc.

Unfortunately, such tokens have several big flaws, which eventually make many of them failed:

1. Most of reflection tokens are purposeless – or meme coins at best. They do not have any sustainable business model backing them. Therefore, they begin falling as soon as the initial interest & hype fading.

2. They use resources inefficiently. For instance, they lock liquidity instead of using it as a resource – at the best interest of holders.

3. They don’t have an established community which supports & promotes them. Also, most of reflection token creators are undoxxed, anonymous and have no “proof of records” to be trusted enough.

But… what if we say that we solved all those problems?


Please meet GAME – the world-first CRUT-token, launched on SmartBCH.

What’s that CRUT means? Very simple – Community, Reflection, Utility, Transparency


First, let’s fill our reflection token with healthy & transparent economic backing. The areas we proved to be competent are: Play-2-Earn, NFT gaming & E-Sports.

Second, let token resources work in the best interests of all holders. For this purpose we removed dead-locked liquidity and burning of tokens – setting rules, transparent reporting and immobilizing of tokens instead.

Third, let approach the token launch already having a strong community of Play-2-Earn & NFT gamers – so we don’t need to build trust & team spirit from zero.


From the very beginning, GAME token has two strong & equally important use cases (we call them “utilities“):

Utility (use case) #1: financial vehicle for AxieBCH Gaming Guild. Unlike $AXIEBCH, the Guild`s own token, GAME is a pure allocation & return on investments tool – close to privileged stocks or bonds from the legacy financial world. It does not deal with operational expenses, marketing or personnel costs. AxieBCH uses resources provided by GAME for funding its Play-2-Earn activities, and returns FIXED % of proceeds as a royalty.

Utility (use case) #2: native token for Play-2-Earn & E-sports activities under Axieport: Leagues project (created & operated by AxieBCH team). Under Axieport: Leagues “umbrella” we are currently developing two big sub-projects:

A. Axie Infinity Open League. Season 1 of the world-first Axie Infinity Team competition is going to start in Q1 2022. We already have several prominent e-sports teams confirmed their interest to participate.

B. Axie Infinity E-Sports Universal Ranking & Tour. We want to enter early into a growing “NFT gaming as an e-sports” movement by providing players with a unified NFT e-sports ranking system, and also a chain of commercial sports events where players can compete and earn additional income.

GAME will become a universal gas for these purposes. All prize pools will be paid out in GAME. All registration fees will be requested in GAME. All sponsorship & product placement fund inflows will be required to convert into GAME.


GAME tokenomics is absolutely unique. It is developed from scratch – not a copycat, not a concept forking! That’s why we are excited & proud of it.

Every GAME transaction is “taxed” with a 5% fee in GAME tokens, collected from a recipient of funds:

* 3% are distributed among current holders, proportionally to their stakes in total GAME emission.

Yes, GAME token is self-growing :)!

* 1% directed to GAME Liquidity Basket.

The only purpose of this basket is to form liquidity necessary for GAME operations & growth. Unlike many other reflection tokens, this basket is accessible & manually operated. This allows to utilize farming & staking rewards at the best interests of GAME holders, and also to provide liquidity on different DEXes. Liquidity Basket is “tax-free” wallet, so 100% of funds collected here (minus network fees) will end up as liquidity.

All rewards collected from liquidity will be directed to buy back & immobilize $GAME tokens.

* 1% directed to GAME Utility Basket.

25% of all funds collected in this basket are used to buy back & immobilize $AXIEBCH tokens. This is what the GAME project returns to the AxieBCH team – which created & maintain it.

15% are sent into GAME Immo Wallet where they stay forever (while keep collecting distributions!)

60% are used for re-investing in the use cases (utilities) of GAME project. It may also be kept in the basket as a reserve, or exchanged into other tokens to form a diversified portfolio.


All wallet balances & transactions are public. Once in a week (or any other schedule approved by the community), the dev team publishes weekly report and makes funds allocations.

In the beginning, it will be an “open discussion” for funds allocation & targeting, cooperation conditions with AxieBCH and external projects etc. In future we are going to implement an automated voting & decision-making mechanism.


Here we are – creators of OliCrypto, the world-first Athletic Career Token (on SLP chain) and AxieBCH Gaming Guild (on SmartBCH). All team is public & doxxed.




100,000,000 (100 mln) tokens


Owner (tax free)

Liquidity Basket (tax free)

Utility Basket (regular)

Immo Basket (regular)


all reporting on axiebch.com