AxieBCH offers a complete outsourcing service pack for Bitcoin Cash & SmartBCH holders & investors willing to launch their own Play-2-Earn “scholarship” program.

Benefits for investors:

A. Reasonably high returns (net 0.10-0.15 BCH per 1 BCH invested, monthly).
B. Simple & transparent operational model (you know & understand where the money comes from).
C. Fully liquid gaming assets (fast exit if requested).
D. Real-time performance tracking.
E. All transactions in BCH or SmartBCH (no ETH gas fees, no additional sidechains or wallets).
F. Bitcoin Cash adoption-friendly investment: every new Axie Infinity scholarship makes one person or one family fully onboarded onto Bitcoin Cash.

How it works:

1. We will purchase Axies and form teams for you.
2. We will select and teach scholars.
3. We will provide you with a real-time tracking tool to see how your scholars perform.
4. We will help your scholars play better through our training facilities.
5. We will track & redeem their earnings & calculate your share.
6. We will make all transactions in BCH or SmartBCH at your choice, so you do not need to use any other cryptos.

Questions? Please contact us for more info.