NEWS FLASH: 3 new Axies bought… and 1 sold + the roadmap coming!

Hello,  AxieBCH gang! It is Saturday, so we have some good news – as always.

3 new Axies bought

As a part of our Axiety expanding, we have added 3 new babes yesterday. Those are “the special ones”, with the purchase price of each topped 0.24 ETH.

As you can see, the breed count for each of those Axies is quite high (4-5). This means that we bought them for fight, not love!

…and 1 immediately sold…

…as we shortly found out that Julian does not look well in the set-up it was purchased for.

So it was a kind of football-like trade: nice Axie, nice team, but they just do not fit each other. We did not earn on this trade (as our primary goal was to sell this Axie fast and have some ETH available for forming new scholars teams). But in general, Axies breeding & trading will play a significant role in the Guild operations.

It is very interesting to see that ex-Julian is priced at 0.445 ETH now. It is almost twice the price we sold it! We are very curious to see whether it is gonna be sold at this price tag.

So with this trade happened, the total count of Axies owned by AxieBCH, is 44 now.

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The roadmap

We are very thankful to our Telegram group users for reminding us to complete the first edition of the AxieBCH roadmap.  It will be published on Monday, 27 September. Our main goals are intact: 1000 scholars & $1 token price before the end of 2022 year.


It is a WooHoo Night (21.09.2021)!

On September 21, we had the first WooHoo night organized by AxieBCH :).

We had 14 couples of Axies dating – romantic time!!!

This is the WooHoo registry for that beautiful night:

1. Lolek met Bolek
2. Arnold met Rocky
3. Sleepy met Wakey
4. Yellow met Samurai
5. Sasha met Noa
6. Pablo met Escobar
7. Shark met Patrick
8. Arktika met Antarktika
9. Stallone met Van Dam
10. Mario met Serena
11. Swaggy met Blacky
12. Bob met Cole
13. Killer met Stacy
14. Sara met Pig

And now we have 14 eggs, so baby Axies are coming soon.

NEWS FLASH: SLP is on the rise, 3 Axies added, Axiety Directory is LIVE (UPDATED)!

Good morning, AxieBCH gangsters!

We woke up with good news: SLP, the Axie Infinity in-game currency, is totally exploding!

So our players can get more Bitcoin Cash for every SLP they earned by their skills & efforts. Wow!

The reason for this jump is fundamental. The Axie Infinity dev team made some important changes to their breeding conditions. From now, Axies breeders need more SLP – but less AXS, so the total cost is practically unchanged – to pair their beauties. So breeders rushed to top up their reserves of SLP while it is still cheap.


We acquired three more cute Axies yesterday: Kisa, Estofado & Kaktus. So, the AxieBCH total Axiety count is now 39! We will have our first breeding complete in 3 days – 14 new baby Axies gonna be born (maybe 1 less, as 1 egg looks problematic). Also, we are on the Axies shopping spree – expect more Axies to be acquired soon.


This is a huge update – just been completed. We promised to be transparent for the well-being of all our token holders & players – we did it.

Please meet Axiety – the complete registry of AxieBCH gaming assets.

The Directory contains base information on all our Axies: name, Axie ID, link to the Axie Infinity marketplace, breed count, date of arrival & purchase price (if our own breeding, the last cell will have the note “breeded”).

That’s all for today. Wish you more crits into your favor, less against you!