NEWS FLASH: 6 new scholars, 23 Axies added, trade at MistSwap

Good Tuesday morning! Delivering you some positive AxieBCH news for today:

6 new players

Please warmly welcome our 6 new bros and sis:



Count on the whole AxieBCH fam if you need help or something. Good luck!

23 Axies added

We have 23 Axies added into the Axiety registry yesterday. So the total count of our Axies now is: 89.

We also have 20 eggs currently maturing…  and going to the big Axie Marketplace shopping today. More cuties arriving soon!

Trade at MistSwap

AXIEBCH-BCH pair is now tradeable at MistSwap! Liquidity is not that big yet, but we are working on it. We invite you to explore MistSwap app – they currently have some juicy APY, plus we will probably have a farm there soon.


It is a WooHoo Night (21.09.2021)!

On September 21, we had the first WooHoo night organized by AxieBCH :).

We had 14 couples of Axies dating – romantic time!!!

This is the WooHoo registry for that beautiful night:

1. Lolek met Bolek
2. Arnold met Rocky
3. Sleepy met Wakey
4. Yellow met Samurai
5. Sasha met Noa
6. Pablo met Escobar
7. Shark met Patrick
8. Arktika met Antarktika
9. Stallone met Van Dam
10. Mario met Serena
11. Swaggy met Blacky
12. Bob met Cole
13. Killer met Stacy
14. Sara met Pig

And now we have 14 eggs, so baby Axies are coming soon.